Together we can promote, educate, and support efforts to reduce drowning rates worldwide.


The mission of Diversity in Aquatics is to Educate, Promote, and Support swimming, water safety, and healthy aquatics activities for vulnerable populations.

Our multi-faceted non-profit...


Building Networks

Diversity in Aquatics is the nation’s largest network of ethnically diverse aquatic professionals, athletes, enthusiasts, and researchers joining the quest to help save lives from the global threat of drowning.

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Empowering Programs

Part of our mission is to promote and increase the number of quality aquatic programs at the community level to provide hands-on and boots-on-the-ground opportunities throughout the nation.

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Ending Epidemics 

Drowning is a global burden affecting all people, yet more than 90% of drowning deaths occur in low and middle-income countries, with drowning rates highest among children and minorities.

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Connecting Peers

Diversity in Aquatics has roots as a vibrant online social community connecting aquatic peers from around the world. Our social space is still thriving. Join us there.

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...with an annual convention to engage and connect...

Join us at the 2020 Diversity in Aquatics Convention presented by Diversity in Aquatics and the American Red Cross to connect with aquatic leaders from around the United States and abroad who are making an impact in the fight to reduce drowning rates worldwide.


APRIL 24-26, 2020
Washington, DC


...and Academic initiatives to inform & enhance.


Research for Change

Diversity In Aquatics is committed to a comprehensive fight against drowning and disparity in at-risk communities. Our founders and board include leaders and emerging leaders collecting data and information to inform our activities and the actions of our partners worldwide.

This research includes deep study of statistics as well as consolidation and archives on the history of minorities and disparity in aquatics.