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There are numerous ways for you to participate in Diversity in Aquatics to reduce drowning deaths and encourage healthy lifestyles through aquatic activities. 



Become a Member

Diversity in Aquatics is the most extensive network of aquatic professionals, researchers and enthusiast working which continues to build and grow the mission of saving lives and reducing disparities in aquatics by educating, promoting and supporting target populations in the United States and abroad. By joining our network you and your organization can gain insight into best practices and work with nationally recognized organizations all while changing aquatics in underrepresented communities.

Participate In International Water Safety Day

May 15th is INTERNATIONAL WATER SAFETY DAY (IWSD). Every year on May 15th a day where people from all over the world get together to spread awareness about drowning prevention and water safety opportunities. You can Host and Event, Get Trained in Water Safety, or Donate to the International Water Safety Foundation. 

Sign Up To Work with An Aquatic Council

Each sports and interest council is supported by the overall organization to provide guidance, best practices, and has the power of the Diversity in Aquatics network behind it. Whether you are a past, present or future aquatic professional, these councils are created to share best practices and cultivate genuine opportunities to engage.

Host / participate in a Tread-A-Thon

The International Water Safety Foundation's Tread-A-Thin is a way for individuals, teams, and organizations to raise awareness by setting a date to tread water. Participants ask for donations from family, friends, neighbors, and businesses while making them aware of the toll drowning takes on children and families globally. Donors make a flat donation in support of preventing drownings online on personalized donation pages.