Lee PitTs Award

For outstanding leadership and collaborative partnership. This award recognizes to an individual or organization that has demonstrated the high and true ideals of volunteer service in the area of aquatics to the benefit under-served communities in aquatics

Past Winners: Thaddeus Gammory 2016, Rahim Booth 2017, Rob Green 2018, Brannon Johnson 2019

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Jim Ellis Award

For coaching and educational excellence. This award recognizes an innovative teacher, researcher or coach who has obtained a high level of achievement from personal effort in a field or initiative that contributes an educational effort to the progression of aquatics.

Past Winners: Dr. Angela Beale 2016, Dr. Bill Ramos 2017, Tiffany Monique Quash 2018, Gainus Wright 2019

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Arthur Lopez Esq. "Nadar por Vida" Award

For a community and youth champion. This award goes to an individual or organization that has given an extraordinary amount of their time, energy, and/or resources toward diversifying aquatics.

Past Winners: Manny Banks & Dr. Shaun Anderson 2016, Leslie Paul 2017, Nadine Johnson Jesionek 2018, Marye Carter 2019

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Ken Roland Award

For a Aquatic Professional. This award goes to a person or organization who sets a standard for mankind with their commitment to aquatics, who has lived their life with a passion to bring forth in the world a dream or vision, a way of being for mankind that is independent of any personal goals for those who are under represented in aquatics.

Past Winners: Jerod Smith 2016, Kevin Sims 2017, John Yearwood 2018, Austin Harris 2019

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Maritza Correia McClendon Award

This is awarded to a former athlete of Black and/or Hispanic descent - who has accomplished a high level of achievement from personal effort in an aquatic sport.

Past Winners: Isabella Pedraza 2018, Anise Foreman 2019

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Dr. Shaun Anderson President’s award*

This award is voted on by the Board of Directors and President of Diversity In Aquatics to recognize outstanding service and leadership within the organization.

Past Winners: Tiffany Quash and Tasha Holt, 2019