2019 Diversity In Aquatics Convention

April 12-14 at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay


Presented by diversity in aquatics 


Participate in this one-of-a-kind convention bringing together aquatic leaders, athletes, coaches, and community supporters to help shape the future of aquatics and reduce drowning rates.

The Diversity in Aquatics Convention is the most extensive collection of diverse and passionate aquatic professionals, athletes, and enthusiasts in the United States and abroad.

Our convention provides a unique opportunity for organizations and individuals to collaborate on solutions and expand safety and programming access to targeted populations.


A ticket to convention pays for:

  • Admission

  • Materials

  • Activities (bring your swimsuit!)

  • Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Sunday light lunch

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Convention Hotel


Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay

1633 North Bayshore Drive
Miami, Florida 33132

For the second year in a row, we're hosting our annual convention at the beautiful conference rooms of the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay. Located in the heart of downtown and intersected between the Miami Arts and Design districts, you and other attendees can enjoy engaging outside of convention activities in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. 

If you have any questions about convention, please feel free to call 571-305-2442.

If you have any questions about the hotel, contact them directly at 305-374-3900


Convention Goals



Provide education and research guidance to attendees on water safety education, drowning prevention, and program best-practices, activation, and growth.


Bring together communities and organizations to promote and collaborate on ideas about water safety education, drowning prevention efforts, and program ideas.


Host the world's largest single-location and multi-location Tread-a-Thon in support of the International Water Safety Day Foundation and our own efforts.



We want to certify a diverse group of Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguard Instructors to the standards of the American Red Cross.


Reward and recognize the men and women making an impact towards the Diversity in Aquatics mission and vision.


Experience valuable opportunities when you attend


Meet with aquatic leaders, athletes, coaches and community supporters whose collective influence can shape the future of aquatics.


Attend workshops showcasing strategies for implementation of innovative aquatic programs to increase and sustain aquatic sports competence.


Gain insight into best practices that can increase diverse participation and reduce drowning statistics while working with National Governing Bodies of aquatic sports under the United States Olympic Committee.


Participate in in-water activities each day to get hands-on experiences and make convention even more fun.


Be inspired by accomplished professionals, athletes, program directors, and coaches.


Convention In Action

Diversity In Aquatics Convention provides individuals and organizations with game-changing opportunities, profitable exchange, all while addressing the importance of water safety as a conduit to promoting aquatic physical activity. Aquatic enthusiasts from all over the world developed lifelong partnerships and networks helping them to exchange ideas on how to curve the drowning statistics and promote aquatic physical activity and sport to diverse populations. All aquatic stakeholder organizations, large or small, can network to create a better future the promotion of water safety and aquatic physical activity and sport in diverse and historically underrepresented populations.

Water Safety Festival

Our water safety festival is a one of a kind event showcasing important messages of water safety and aquatic opportunity in a fun and engaging way.


Convention Workshops

The goals of of our convention workshops are to educate, empower, and support, aquatic stakeholders (e.g. recreational and competitive aquatic sport leaders, aquatic and water safety professionals, educators, community leaders, NGOs) from diverse backgrounds to help save and enhance lives through aquatic programming.


Excellence In Aquatics

Diversity In Aquatics is an organization that believes there can be a change in the proverbial tide, and not accept another preventable loss of the next generation of leaders, scholars, future of tomorrow. This is why we celebrate aquatic leaders from all over the world on the efforts to help save lives and promote aquatics in under-resourced communities.