Strategic, measurable goals to evaluate our impact. 


Our board and team have identified specific, measurable goals to help us prioritize and structure the work we do with partners and communities in the US and internationally.  It's our hope that we'll be able to point to specific Diversity in Aquatics initiatives and efforts to show the impact our organization has made towards these global concerns to attract partners, earn funding, and prove that our strategies and networks can achieve our vision.

At our convention in 2017, we unveiled to a room of community, enterprise, and program leaders the specific goals we hope to achieve by 2020. 

The goals we've selected speak to a practical way to make a change in the safety, engagement, and education in aquatic safety and lifestyles. With the help of people all over the world, we hope to not only meet but exceed our objectives. 

International Water Safety Day is a perfect time of year to mobilize our Impact and Community partners to see that children learn water safety and basic swim skills. 

Through our partnership with American Red Cross during our Diversity in Aquatics conventions, we hope to actively certify the next generations of instructors and educators to expand the network of professionals able to pass on swim and lifesaving skills. 

We want to expand our year-round Diversity in Aquatics youth and adult learn-to-swim programs to two dedicated locations in the US or abroad. 

To spread the word, we plan on developing a two-part diversity-based series of public announcements on water safety 



Million kids educated on water safety 


Red Cross Instructors and Trainers

Published diversity-based research papers